All our Earcandy have been treated to prevent any damage or loss of shine. However, it is important that you take into account the following considerations:

  • Jewelry can lose its shine due to external agents. When they spend time in the open air for a long time, they can lose some of their initial shine.
  • The loss of bath or shine is a natural process that occurs over time due to its own use. However, they can be recovered by special cleaning or bathing them again. For more information, please contact Customer Support.
  • It is preferable to remove jewelry to shower, exercise, or go to sleep.
  • It is recommended not to expose the jewelry to chemicals such as perfumes or colognes, cleaning products, chlorinated or salt water, cosmetics, etc.


Our tips so that your jewel maintains its shine, the bath, and can enjoy an optimal state for a long time are:


As a natural process, jewelry can lose its coating or shine due to its own use. Therefore, at Earcandy we do not guarantee that the shine and bath of our pieces will last for a lifetime.

It is important to take good care of your jewelry to maintain its shine and durability, as loss of color can be caused by multiple factors. So that this does not happen, we recommend:

  • Do not wet the jewel. Avoid showering with her or bathing in the beach / pool with her. Sometimes sweat and the pH of the skin also affect the state of the jewel.
  • Prevent the jewel from coming into contact with chemicals such as perfumes or colognes, cleaning products, cosmetics, silver polishes, etc.
  • Do not expose the jewel to high temperatures, as the material can be affected. It can undergo modifications in its shape and the stones can undergo color changes.



The ideal way to clean your jewelery is to use a soft bristle brush and clean it with warm water and a pH-neutral soap. It is important to pay attention to gold-plated pieces as they are more delicate and require greater care. Therefore, you must rub gently to avoid loss or wear and tear of the bathroom. Later you should dry them with a cloth or chamois.

The specific silver polishing chamois are perfect for restoring the shine to your jewelery if it has been lost or has become blackened over time.



Your jewelry should be stored in places away from exposure to sunlight and there is a good room temperature.

We recommend: jewelery boxes, bags or individual plastic bags with hermetic closure.

We do not recommend: any rubber element (they help the jewel to blacken), or storing the jewelery in damp places (eg bathroom).

* Earcandy boxes can serve as a jewelry box for a short period of time, but for long periods of time, it is advisable to change the jewelry to a jewelry box to avoid discoloration due to lack of use.