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Hoop earring made of 925 sterling silver with rose gold bath and black spinels.

  • Category: Long earring
  • Material: 925 sterling silver
  • Finish: Rose gold plated
  • Stones: black spinels
  • Closure: pressure
  • Dimensions: L: 26.47mm W: 8.15mm | Small circle: 7.90mm | Big circle: 20.26mm

Sold individually.



    "An ordinary night, a bottle of wine and that sensation: to feel an immense inner peace and at the same time an energy that explodes your heart ... the taste of that fruity oak and that sound that eclipse my hatred makes me travel far; a place where the sax and our laughter make up a unique melody "

    Night Jazz is Earcandy's most romantic and sensual collection. Designed with 925 Sterling Silver and rose gold plating and combined with the sparkles of black spinels. The result is a collection full of magic with which we hope you will shine in a different way.

    We design and manufacture jewelry using top quality materials and semi-precious stones.

    Get involved in the Earcandy recycling process. Give the product a second life if you get tired of it! For more information read our recycling process.

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