EarCandy was born in 2020; a digital age where we are far but closer than ever; in an environment of uncertainty that has generated an internal change in all of us and has created the need to stop, feel, live and express ourselves. It was born at a time when "I miss you" and "hopefully soon" are the most used words; while the kisses and hugs that we so long for, today, are dangerous weapons.

Earcandy is a jewelry firm specializing in the design of earrings, specifically Single Earrings or "individual earrings", which takes care of each piece to make it special. We specialize in generating a "harmonious architecture" of the ear.



We are born so that you can give a message to the person you want through our jewelry. As we know, life is made up of small details that we reflect in our day to day, and we want our jewels to be part of it; of those special moments and experiences that make our skin crawl.

For many, earrings are part of the skin and we would love to be able to tell stories in it.



Our goal is that each person can combine each of our earrings with each other and can design their own “total ear look” or, as we like to call it: Ear architecture. At Earcandy you will find unique earrings; Always in constant change, offering original, exclusive, and versatile designs for all day-to-day events.



We make our jewelry with 925 sterling silver and 9K and 14K gold; High-value precious metals that have a characteristic that at Earcandy we want to promote: jewelry recycling.

As a company, one of the values that characterizes us is environmental awareness and for this reason, we work to reduce the impact on the environment by reusing and recycling jewelry. In our industry, metals have a high value and their extraction, although already with very advanced techniques, is still polluting. We want to be part of the change and make up for the slowdown in mining production of metals by recycling the silver and gold from our parts.

We want to offer you the possibility of recycling your silver or gold Earcandy jewelry that you have so that you can purchase a new product. For more information visit Recycling Earcandy.

We are not perfect or 100% sustainable, and there are many things that we will have to improve, that is why we are learning every day to be better in the future. All commercial activity has an impact on the planet and we, for the moment, try to minimize our impact by using plastic-free packaging, made with recycled materials, and promoting the initiative to recycle precious metals to minimize mining production and pollution.



We are a small brand, based in Madrid.

The Earcandy team is made up of a group of young entrepreneurs, with initiative, ambition and passion for what we do. We have come together in this decisive moment to share with you something that we are passionate about, earrings in all their versions, and we want you to have part of our brand and personality with you.

Little by little we will tell more about ourselves through social networks. You just have to follow us on our account @earcandy_jewelry to find out everything and get to know us more thoroughly. STAY TUNED!